New Maple Syrup Grades: Is Grade B Being Eliminated from the Market?

breakfast pancakes and maple syrupThis year, the new international standards for grading maple syrup will slowly go into effect, and Grade B will cease to exist as “Grade B”. Before you panic, you can rest assured that you will still be able to purchase this popular dark syrup, only it will have a different name: Grade A Very Dark. In addition to the name change, there will be a slight increase in cost, which will be disheartening to Grade B maple syrup fans who have always appreciated its cheaper cost in comparison to the rest of the maple syrup grades.

The new maple syrup grades were created with the intent to create one easy-to-understand international system. All of the maple syrup grades will be Grade A pure maple syrup, with four different identifying varieties: Golden, Amber, Dark, and Very Dark. By placing all maple syrup varieties under the same grade, those in the maple syrup industry hope to eliminate consumer confusion and also equalize pricing amongst all maple syrup grades. It will help the public even more that the same grading standards will apply to maple syrup from both the United States and Canada, whose different grading systems have long been hard to decipher.

If you’ve always been a Grade B maple syrup enthusiast, rest assured that it will still be available for you to buy; it will simply be under a different name. If you want to escape the impending price increase, you might want to start stocking up on Grade B maple syrup before the new grades hit the shelves.

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