Does Vermont Make the Finest Organic Maple Syrup in the Country?

Close-up of pouring organic maple syrupThe state of Vermont has been synonymous with maple syrup for hundreds of years, and rightfully so. The small state generates just around 35 percent of the country’s supply, and around 8 percent of the world’s supply. Their climate, soil conditions, and dense concentration of maple trees (the highest in the United States), are three reasons why it is the country’s most ideal location for producing the best maple syrup.

The season of maple syrup production in Vermont spans from February, when sugarhouses set up for the sugaring season, until Spring, which is so frequently muddy from all of the melting snow and ice that Vermonters joke that they have five seasons—the fifth one being “Mud Season”. On a good year for maple syrup production, the snow has melted, the ground has thawed, and millions of gallons of water have been absorbed by the maple trees (the most important aspect of sap production). Forests that are primarily sugar maple trees, known as sugarbushes, have a system of pipelines connected to each tree tap that allows the sap to flow directly to the sugarhouse, where it is boiled down—a far cry from the days when carrying small buckets back and forth was a necessity. Vermont sugarhouses are known for producing high quality products, and with growing numbers of artisans getting into the maple syrup industry, the options for consumers today are plentiful. One reason why so many people prefer Vermont maple syrup is because Vermont law prohibits the use of any additives and preservatives, and they also have many organic maple syrup choices for the particularly health conscious.

Coombs Family Farms has been producing some of the best Vermont organic maple syrup and organic maple products for over seven generations, which is why they are highly regarded in the industry. They have perfected the art of making maple syrup, and it shows. Whether you choose to buy natural maple syrup through them, or other reputable artisan Vermont sugarhouses, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality

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