For those with thyroid disease, consider adding gluten free food to your diet

gluten free bread roll

gluten free bread roll

For those diagnosed with thyroid disease, it’s a smart move to also get tested for celiac disease. The reason is because when you already have one autoimmune disorder, the risk of having another is considerably elevated. Many people afflicted with hypothyroid or hyperthyroid are unaware that they have a gluten sensitivity, or even a full-blown allergy. The most common symptoms, such as stomach pain, headaches and even problematic skin are often brushed off and overlooked since they are generally mild enough to not cause worry. The truth is that you don’t need to have severe symptoms in order to get tested—or even to try switching to a diet which is low in gluten. Substituting a few of your dietary staples with gluten free foods might very well provide an instant improvement in how you feel.

If you prefer to not go see a doctor right away, you can always experiment on your own by minimizing the amount of gluten in your diet. The next time you go grocery shopping, pick up a few gluten free food products that look good to you and test them out. You don’t need to have a medical necessity to buy gluten free food, and you’ll probably notice you feel a lot better. The reason for this is because gluten free food is made from whole grains which naturally contain more fiber and nutrients than those which are made from heavily-processed white flour.

Glutino is easily one of the best gluten free food brands on the market today, and you can find their delicious products at most grocery stores across the country. If you have thyroid disease, trying out some of their foods is certainly worth a shot.

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